Since the summer of 2020, professionals around the world have been having a hard time coping with the COVID situation. As the world was engulfed by a pandemic, people were forced to stay indoors, affecting businesses in almost every sector of every industry. The demands of non-essential commodities went down, organizations with physical workspaces were forced to close their doors, and brick-and-mortar stores witnessed an overnight dip in sales.

Over time, looking for an ideal job has become increasingly difficult. The competition in every industry has increased and companies are getting increasingly selective in offering jobs and selecting suitable candidates.

If you are looking for a new job during COVID-19, here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind during your job hunt:

1. Make Sure You Really Need The Job

Especially if you are moving jobs during COVID, it is important to assess your current position and your employer before making the switch. We are living in uncertain times and you never know what the new job has in store for you.

Even if you are tempted to move jobs because of higher pay and a better position, it is always advisable to think twice before leaving your current job and accepting the new position. If there is a way you can work it out with your current employer and keep your current job at your terms, you should always give that a thought before taking up a new job during these times.

2. Keep Networking With The Right People

Even if you do not have a job as of now and you are having any luck landing an ideal job, sitting idle is never an option! It is important to build a network with like-minded individuals, professionals in your field, and career experts to help you get closer to recruitment. Online networking platforms like LinkedIn are full of aspiring professionals and experts in every field. Start making connections that help you in professional development during the tough times.

3. Spend Time To Upskill Yourself

Now that you have enough time at your disposal to work on yourself before you secure a job, it is advisable to spend it in the most productive way possible. Utilize this time in developing new skills and honing the existing ones that increase your chances of getting hired.

You can spend your time watching educational videos on YouTube, enrolling for an online certification course, attend webinars, and be a part of virtual workshops that help you develop an ideal skill-set to impress your recruiters.

4. Build Your CV

As trivial as it sounds, it is extremely important for active job seekers to keep updating their CV unless they find a suitable job. One of the first things a recruiter notices in a CV is the gap between jobs and what the candidate did during the gap.

Keep updating your CV with the latest achievements you had in the field of your expertise, the skills you learned, the certifications you obtained, and the work you did (irrespective of the scale) until you appear for your next job interview.

Also, updating your CV involved making changes in the layout and approach of your resume. Always remember that recruiters go through a plethora of similar resumes every single day. Make sure that you stand out from the clutter through innovative use of the layout, especially if the job required the candidate to be creative.

5. Have Patience In Dealing With The HR Professionals

The majority of professionals have been working remotely for more than a year now and are facing difficulties in keeping up with their work. Moreover, owing to a surge in the number of applications during recent times, HR professionals have been having a tough time dealing with every application they come across.

Whenever you apply for a job during the COVID situation, it is important to take these factors into consideration and be as patient with the HR professionals as possible.

6. Be Less Picky

The times are tough for all professionals across the board and it is difficult in getting the precise jobs one is willing to secure. In such a situation, it is important to be a little more accommodating and less picky during your job hunt. It is important to realize that you stand a chance of not getting a job at all instead of getting a job that requires a little compromise from your side.

7. Do Not Say “Yes” To The First Opportunity

While it is important to not be picky while choosing job offers, it is equally important not to say yes to the very first job opportunity that comes your way, unless it is precisely the one you had been looking for. Make sure you explore more options and see if you come across better opportunities before securing a specific job.

8. Keep Your Professional Future In Mind

Due to the tough times, professionals often make the mistake of accepting any opportunity that comes their way and leaving the rest for the future. Although it is important to have a job instead of sitting idle during these times, it is never advisable to jeopardize your future just to secure a job at the moment.

9. Acquire Enough Knowledge About The Company

The last thing a professional would want during the COVID situation is to end up in a company that does not suit their professional aims and objectives. Always make sure that you read up enough about the employer and the company you are applying for before going ahead with a job opportunity.

10. Never Lose Hope

Finally, it is important to keep trying and not losing sight of your goals. Always keep in mind that you are bound to hit roadblocks and face rejections during these challenging times. The only way to overcome these hurdles is to keep trying without losing hope and motivation to give up your job hunt.