To find the safest places for buying cannabis, we looked at dispensary data from cities across the United States. We used a weighted scoring system that takes into account things like crime rates and state-level regulations on dispensaries. The following are our top picks:


The top places to buy cannabis dispensaries are in California, Colorado, Arizona and Washington. The most important factor when choosing a dispensary is the location of it; you want one that isn't too far away from your home or work. You should also consider how many strains they carry and what their prices are like before making a decision on which place will be best for you.


The following is a list of the top places to buy cannabis dispensaries in Canada. This list was compiled by using Google search results and some personal knowledge on local sources, as well as reviews from consumers themselves.


  1. The Netherlands 


  1. Germany 


  1. Canada 


  1. United Kingdom


  1. Australia 


  1. Switzerland 


  1. Denmark


  1. Sweden 


  1. Uruguay 




One of the most popular ways for people who want to buy cannabis is through a dispensary. A dispensary provides individuals with access to high-quality marijuana, and it also offers various strains that will suit their individual preferences. There are many different types of dispensaries in existence these days; some offer medical marijuana while others sell recreational weed as well. The best place for you is going to depend on your needs as an individual or whether you're looking for something specific like CBD products, edibles, etc.


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