EA operating on six soccer cellular games as FIFA Mobile Coins its goes UEFA license.Electronic Arts has six fresh FIFA mobile games in the works having procured a permit expansion with UEFA.Mobile is easily the most popular games platform worldwide. As such, EA Sports wants to capitalise on its audience.

The upcoming football matches will be different in genre, with experiences including real simulation and different arcade formats. However, additional information on these titles will be given at a subsequent date.Through its new agreement with UEFAthe American sport giant has assured it can still contain world-class football teams in its titles.Goal! "Our vision is to make the most authentic, social and connected football experience by bringing our games into devices, more countries and more enthusiasts around the globe," said EA Sports vice president DJ Jackson.

"EA Sports continues to rapidly transform how enthusiasts have game, evolving football from a lively and educated adventure to an interactive one, accessible at any moment. "This is the world's game, and EA Sports is now doing everything we could to further associate athletes, players, clubs and leagues and increase the love of soccer, globally. The game immediately proved popular as it accumulated 1.2 million downloads within a day of launch.

Electronic Arts Has a Plan to Reach 500 Million Players.Electronic Arts has a record year, and also direction is currently predicting more growth in fiscal 2022. Looking further out, the business believes it could more than twice its players and viewers to 500 million within the next five years, and that's just within EA Sports.The plan is daring but appears to be within reach according to present trends in sports video games, along with EA's approach to establish several new offerings across different sports.

EA Sports fans need more.The firm reported it had 230 million gamers and viewers around its EA Sports titles from the last calendar year. Viewership is increasingly important, because the curiosity in esports contests is generating more exposure for Cheap FIFA Coins your EA Sports brand.