The primary fear of flying during a thunderstorm is its lightning strikes. It happens a lot of time when some commercial aircraft have been struck by lightning at some point while flying. Sometimes thunderstorms can be hazardous, and at times, it is not that risky to fly during a thunderstorm. Hence, it all depends on its intensity.

Now you might be thinking about how a flyer will get to know whether his scheduled flight will fly or not during a thunderstorm. 

Well, if you have booked a Southwest Airlines flight ticket through its official site or Southwest Telefono, read the important instructions.

Southwest Airlines Español Telefono

It is normal that airline delays or cancels a scheduled flight due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather conditions, fewer passengers, mechanical issues, missing crew, strikes, security issues, etc. In case Southwest Airlines meets with any of these conditions, the airline will inform its flyers at least 14 days before the scheduled flight departure. If you want to rebook a flight ticket, the airline will charge no extra fee and also give a complete refund of your canceled flight to the original payment mode. All you have to do is dial Número de Teléfono de Southwest and address your concern to the executive and ask him to settle your queries.


How do I claim compensation for a delayed or canceled flight due to thunderstorms on Southwest Airlines?

Thunderstorms can be really dangerous, especially for small aircraft. They can cause severe damage to the passengers and plane. However, such storms are limited to small places, and it is entirely safe to fly around them. The best way to check whether your scheduled flight is delayed or canceled is to contact the customer care executive through Southwest Español Teléfono. Avoid standing in long queues at the airport and save your time and effort. 


  • As per the airline’s compensation policy, if your flight is canceled or delayed by 90 minutes, the airline will rebook a new flight and also provide a travel voucher of $100 which can be used for future travel needs. 
  • If the airline cannot book a new flight within two hours, the airline will raise the travel voucher up to $300 and provide ‘Priority standby’ status. 
  • If you apply for a refund, call on Southwest Airlines Español Teléfono and avail the customer care services to get quick help. 

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