Call center telephony is a very specialized field. For a call center to function as per desired standards, it needs to have good network connectivity, top-notch voice quality and call management functionalities such as hold, transfer, mute etc. The agents taking the calls feel empowered when they have quality networking and telephony solutions. Call abandonment remains low and customers find the whole process a lot better when call center telephony is top-class. Amongst the many leading outsourcing vendors, cisco based call centers are very popular and heavily utilized.

Access Readymade Quality Solutions at Outsourced Call Centers India

India offers cost-effective options for call center services as it provides a great currency exchange rate advantage to companies operating in the developed world. Outsourced call centers India such as Vcare Corporation offer the perfect balance between cost and quality as they use only the best and most premium call center solutions.

Vcare utilizes Cisco solutions. The company cisco has pioneered VoIP technology and has the best call center management hardware and software. By outsourcing to call center services company India, you give yourself the best chance to improve customer communication. It is the one-stop shop for world-class outbound, inbound and back office support services.