You can OSRS gold literally use anything for a mouse pad on your leg so that you don't have to hunch over. A book. A plate. A game case. Hell, I've used my leg as a mouse pad. It's really not that hard. It's not like OSRS necessitates flick planning to play. It's literally point and click. Only play pc at the point seriously. Console is nice since it is easy and all you have to do is lie on a sofa. When keyboards get involved why even bother. Because not everybody has got your view and should I wish to play with it on console I will. Well think about all the people that you run into in online games which don't have a mic. Now think of all of the mute ass people you'll run into. It is going to be annoying not to have the ability to communicate with them.

 OSRS employs text conversation, not mics. If these folks don't have mics would you believe that they'll have a computer keyboard or even bother to link it. If they wish to play OSRS, they kind of need to lol. OSRS can be performed without socialising at all. There is little in the sport which you rely on other players for (Shield of Arrav and Heroes quest aside). I believe that it could work. Movement together with the control along with a little cursor rotates the character that you click on shit. I really don't see how it would not work. Most content would be unplayable. Can not envision raids or inferno working very nicely and shifting equipment fast and flicking prayers.

 The challenge of OSRS content comes from managing gear and switching it and prayers correctly. That's gonna be super difficult to do with a a controller. Look up Torvesta on YouTube to find out what high level match play is. I have needed to play RuneScape for a bit. This may get me into it. I do not really wish to start over. Never thought I'd see that, ever. It was always wishful thinking. I am glad they're over there considering it too. Fingers crossed, people.

 I'd rather have a super updated City of Heroes or Ultima Online. Ice Poseidon should begin playing . Interesting fact: my RS3 account has literally 380 times of play time on it. I wish I could get that time back. I started back in 01, but I stopped playing shortly after Telos came out. Theres a new school version now? There was a good amount of time I had been without internet at home when we got really poor, and I would go to the library and perform RuneScape there. Very good times.

 OSRS already runs on mobile phones and essentially any PC

If it is going to take as long as mobile release then the PS6 will see it. Can't wait to spam the X button on willow trees in Draynor. God does anybody recall the 6/6/6 massacre. Lmao great old times. Most gamers are on OSRS and porting an activity pub mmo seems even harder. I can not even imagine how youd play runescape using a control. The PS4 has mouse and keyboard support. That is such a stupid idea. I believe I would play with it. So many control players would get spanked in the wildy lol. The PS4 has mouse and keyboard support. This doesnt mean a great deal of people wont cheap RS gold still utilize a controller.