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Different types of essays confuse students. It is nearly impossible to be good at writing every essay type.  To start off, writing structure of all the essays might be the same but the style and tone is always different.

A student always wish to be clear and confident about his work. Following are some common differences and tips to get rid of the confusion between writing different types of essays:


  1.   Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay are detailed essays that literally paint a picture for the reader. To write these essays it is important to keep in mind that the reader should get an image of what you are trying to describe. Many students may ask themselves: “who can help me write my essay?” many essay writing services are there to hep.


  • Be explicit and detailed.
  • Remember to let the reader visualize with your writing what you want your reader to know.


  1.   Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are the ones that involve stories. These essays are written to present your experiences and giving choice to readers to draw conclusions. Today there are companies that you can go to at any time, any day, and ask: help write my essay. And the will do it for you.


  • Write stories that follow the pattern like beginning, number of events leading to the end.
  • Write in first person perspective 


  1.   Argumentative Essay

This is the type of essay that contain your opinion and reasons that support your opinions.


  • Provide facts to back your arguments up.
  • Tone of the essay should be convincing.
  • Give both sides of the topic but stronger facts to the side you support.


  1.   Expository Essay

Expository essays are the ones that logically explains a topic and straightforwardly present it.

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  • Determines balanced analysis.
  • Subject should be based on facts and not emotions.


  1.   Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is an essay written to convince the readers regarding a specific viewpoint. These essays suggest their readers to take certain actions.


  • Use a softer tone while presenting your opinion.
  • Provide facts from personal experiences as well.     

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