Targeted lead generation is the lifeblood of construction marketing. But how can we populate that crucial database with contacts that will deliver? Business development can become a set of nice theories written by desk-bound business gurus that have very little to do with the real world of making money and growing your business! Read more about construction marketing here


The bottom line is that you have to find business opportunities from your current client base and develop new business outside of your "comfort zone." This need not be an unpleasant task or a huge struggle if you remember that lead generation is about finding people for whom you can solve problems. When you've identified a potential solution for a potential client who has actually expressed a viable interest, you've got a hot lead.

Some Places to Look for Problems to Solve

Who is currently doing work for the client prospect as a contractor, and when does their contract end? Try to identify all of the contractors working in your territory. Find out what their scope of work is, and how many staff they have. You can usually find out when their contract ends by asking the contracting officer.

Future Procurement Plans

You may also be able to find out about any future procurement plans and what the criteria is for selecting contractors. Keep in mind, other contractors are not just competitors, they are also potential partners. They might not like you snooping around, even though they'll be doing it too, but may not mind high-level queries aimed at identifying partnering potential. A good source of information of course, would be company websites.

Companies that are seeking to partner with each other are often prepared to share their contact base, as long as there are no conflicts of interest. It helps to know people at other companies and to talk about teaming potential, so when opportunities come up, you can pass leads back and forth. This is a great way to build trust and loyalty which are the foundations for good partnering.


However, you need to remain focused and targeted and avoid the dreaded scatter gun approach. Once you have populated your database with good contacts, they need to be qualified through careful and consistent contact and then sorted into hot, warm, and cold leads.