Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! As you open your social media account, all you see is one more new picture. Do you know how many photographs are uploaded on Facebook every day? The answer is 300 million. Are all photos noticed or viral? The answer is NO. So, if you don't want your brand to be lost in the crowd, hiring professional photographers in Pune is imperative to create a unique and memorable brand identity. 


Now let's have a look at some interesting Social Media Statistics 2021 - 

As per a leading website, Dustin Stout's latest report - 

Facebook statics

Monthly active users - 2.4 billion

Daily active users - 1.6 billion 


Instagram statics 

Monthly active users - 1 billion 

Daily active users - 600 million

Daily stories - 500 million 

Approximate likes - 4.2 billion 

On average, pictures uploaded daily on Instagram - 95 billion. 


Pinterest statics 

Monthly active users - 291 billion 

Total number of pins - 175 million

Total number of boards - 1 billion approximately 


In the digital era, you can't survive if you escape virtual reality. So, if you want to create the best representation of your brand in the virtual as well as the real world, hiring a top-notch photographer is imperative. 

  • A professional headshot can give a positive first impression of your product and services. 
  • Through his photography art, he can connect you with a larger audience, help you build and grow relationships and ultimately strengthen your brand persona. 
  • Professional photographers' work can create a lasting impression in your target audiences' minds and let them identify in the crowd. Many businesses are sailing in the virtual world, so if you want the world to recognize your brand, you have to invest in professional photography; it's a profit center. 

Final say 

So, by now, you must have understood the importance of a professional photographer. So, whether you want to hire product photographers or wedding photographers in Pune, you can use ZoopGo and connect with your ideal photography partners.