As one of the top gamers on Twitch, Shroud often checks the latest video games. So when New World was released a few months ago, he started playing it. Although he has complaints about the MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios, he is still experiencing the game. While playing this game recently, he discovered a new loophole involving a musket, which is one of the weapons found in New World.

In the live broadcast on November 19, Shroud was not surprisingly playing New World. What was surprising was his discovery of the musket. After testing the weapon, he found some unexpected results. It seems that after the game's 1.1 patch, players can now use guns in unexpected ways.

He discovered that this weapon can be enhanced, allowing players to use powerful shots to Buy New World Coins cause more damage and stagger the enemy. According to Shroud, the problem is that each type of enhanced shot can be reused without a cooldown. This means that players can send different skills, such as gunpowder shooting and gunpowder burning, regardless of strategy.

In addition, by exploiting this new loophole, players can use enhanced abilities to stagger their opponents over and over again. These abilities of Musket are good in a moderate range, because they encourage tactical decisions in battles in the game. However, if there is no proper cooldown time, the battle will become unconscious skill spam.

Although the New World Coins developers of Amazon Game Studios have not yet given a date to fix Musket, the changes to address this vulnerability should come soon. In addition, the powerful weapon can still be used in the game, which means players can take advantage of it before the patch is released. By the way, if players are worried about the lack of New World Coins in the game, they can visit NewWorldCoins at any time and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.