Salesforce provides and accommodates options for integration with all the apps that help improve efficiency.  It is able to automate tasks, provide better collaboration opportunities, and also gives access to real-time data.

The CRM integration of Salesforce allows users to utilize its features in a more efficient manner.  Integrating with third-party apps enables it to create customized workflows for deals and tasks.  It also allows users to view customer information across every app in real-time.

As the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce is used by many companies throughout the world.  It is known for its robust features that meet different requirements of customers.  To get this desired integration, it is important to understand what the app offers and how it helps businesses become more productive.


CRM Integration Salesforce Methods

Salesforce provides and accommodates various options for CRM integration.  You will be able to integrate with all apps that can improve efficiency and workflows.

There are six different methods of integration, including:

  1. i)  Data Import - It facilitates the transfer of data in Salesforce from other sources to keep it updated in real-time.  Importing the data is useful when the customer information needs to be present in Salesforce.  It can also assist with automating tasks and provides a single view of customers across multiple apps.
  2. ii) Data Export - It exports data from Salesforce based on specific requirements that allow users to use it for other purposes outside Salesforce. This data can be used in reports, dashboards, and other apps.

iii)    Web to Lead - Salesforce provides this integration option for marketing teams to take advantage of its features after signing up customers online.


  1. iv) Lead to Case - It helps businesses turn the website visitors into prospects by populating them into Salesforce cases.
  2. v) Case to Lead - Using this integration, users will be able to turn the prospect page visitors into leads.
  3. vi) Social Accounts - Customers now engage with businesses through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It enables organizations to monitor the conversations about them online and also respond to them.


CRM Integration Salesforce List of Apps

Salesforce provides a list of third-party applications that can be integrated with its CRM platform.  The integration will depend on the features and functionality available in the app.  While some apps may only need data integration, others might require complex workflow or customization.  The following are some of the lists of apps that are available for integration with Salesforce CRM.

  1. i) Zoho CRM - This app can be integrated using data or web to lead methods. It provides an option for users to collaborate with team members, views customer information in real-time, and monitor tasks.
  2. ii) LinkedIn - This platform can be integrated to get the data of social contacts available in Salesforce. The users can also monitor email campaigns, keep an eye on deals, and view public profile information of customers.

iii)  SugarCRM - The integration with this app allows users to send marketing campaigns, view opportunities and tasks in real-time, and also monitor social media interactions by customers.

  1. iv) Hubspot - This integration method offers an option to take advantage of lead and deal workflows and manage social contacts. The users can track daily activities and connect with other apps.
  2. v) Google Apps - It can sync or share customer information available in Google Contacts to Salesforce.
  3. vi) Marketo - Integration with this app allows the users to run marketing campaigns, receive leads, and monitor real-time communication with customers.

vii) JIRA - The collaboration between JIRA and Salesforce offers the users a chance to get notifications about bugs and other issues.

viii) Microsoft Exchange - Users can view email, task, and contact information from Exchange Server in Salesforce.

  1. ix) Yammer - Integration with this app provides an option to hook into social conversations that take place on Yammer.
  2. x) SugarCRM - The users can use the integration for lead and case management as well as to resolve issues.
  3. xi) Zendesk - It allows Salesforce users to connect with customers and also receive alerts and notifications about Triggers in Zendesk.

xii)  SalesforceIQ - The integration with this app helps users to track daily activities of leads, opportunities, and cases.