Aluminum Stage Truss venues can bring more benefits. Aluminum alloy display can not only solve the lack of indoor exhibition halls, but also make the exhibition more personalized. Using elegant high-quality PVC waterproof oil cloth, installation is quick and easy, beautifully shaped, providing infinite innovation and imagination.

The exhibition tent can withstand approximately 8 strong winds and is suitable for a variety of exhibitions, auto shows, outdoor exhibitions, brand conferences or celebrations.

The framework of the exhibition tent is made of special high-intensity aluminum alloy, flexible and easy to disassemble, easy to store, compact, easy to transport. Waterproof oil cloth is a double-layer PVC waterproof oil cloth, and the surface of the waterproof oil is self-cleaning, sunscreen and UV resistance. There is no bracket in the tent, and the space utilization is 100%. At the same time, Aluminum Stage Truss can be complicated, or it can be simple, you can choose to decorate according to the specifications of the exhibition to improve the level of activity. When you no longer need it, you can immediately have a clean ground after you quickly remove it and will not affect the environment.

The framework of the exhibition tent is made of high quality T6061 aluminum alloy profile, with excellent hardness and durability. In the case of proper use, it can usually use more than ten years. Waterproof cloth has good flame retardant, waterproof and sunscreen performance. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for about 3-5 years, or painted on a tarpaulin to meet the different needs of the tent!