According to Pokemon Company International a few days ago, the Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion will be released at global retailers early next year. Many players like to buy Gigantamax Pokemon from PKMBuy to enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This time will introduce the new Pokemon VSTAR gameplay mechanic. Pokemon VSTAR evolved from Pokemon V, each with a VSTAR Power. It is an Ability or Attack that has an extremely powerful effect and can help you play a beneficial role in your battle. 

Per game, you can only use one VSTAR Power. Once you use it, you will need to flip over a VSTAR Marker in battle. Although Pokemon VSTAR has high HP and high-damage attacks, they will give you a greater chance of winning because you need to give up two prize cards when they are knocked out.

The Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion will include Arceus VSTAR, Charizard VSTAR, Shaymin VSTAR, and Whimsicott VSTAR, as well as "a special Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards with artwork featuring fan-favorite Trainers and Pokémon."

In addition, the expansion also includes 20 Pokemon V, 15 full-art Pokemon V, four Pokemon VMAX, 22 Trainer cards, six full-art Supporter cards, and one Special Energy card.

There is more than a month before 2022, let us wait and see! Pokemon Sword and Shield are launching on Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy the game now. PKMBuy website has very professional technology and a reliable team, you can Buy Gigantamax Pokemon safely at any time.