It's been over a month now since the release of New World, the brand new MMORPG from Amazon Games. In the first few months, like other MMO releases, players continue to explore and collect materials on Aeternum Island And fighting, which makes players very excited. In New World, players need to constantly explore and collect resources, which is the production mechanism of this game.

There are a total of 17 types of Trade Skills in New World, which are divided into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. Logging New World Coins can provide raw materials for hundreds of recipes, so it is the most effective Gathering Skills. All players need a Logging Axe and a prepared tree supply when starting Logging, but it takes more thinking to upgrade skills effectively.

So how do players upgrade Logging in New World?

The first thing all players need to do is to use this skill to obtain Logging XP, which is the same as the other the Gathering Skills in New World. So you need to enter the wilderness of Aeternum to Buy New World Coins find trees that need to be felled. Of course, players only need a Logging Axe to complete this. From Flint to Orichalcum, it can be divided into five levels. If players want to collect wood faster, then better Logging Axe is needed. And through the Logger's Luck Perk, players can also increase their chances of obtaining rare resources.

In New World, players have the opportunity to harvest more rare trees by upgrading their Logging Skills level. Among them, Young Trees and Mature Trees are a relatively common type of wood, and they can be seen almost everywhere on Aeternum Island. These produce green and mature wood respectively, enough to allow players to pass the early levels of logging.

Players in the New World adventure, Level Logging can help players solve survival problems, but in the journey will encounter various inevitable battles, so players also need good weapons and equipment to help them solve these problems. But buying weapons and equipment requires a lot of New World Coins, so you can use the power of NewWorldCoins. Ample New World Coins are being sold there, and the prices are very favorable, which can solve the urgent needs of players.