Christmas is a special holiday, because unlike the new year, it is always celebrated with the family. On the eve of a wonderful night, godparents come to the godchildren, trying to show special attention to them, bringing gifts like magicians.

The best gifts for children

A wonderful Christmas gift for little guys and girls - a magnetic board "Herringbone", at the same time fits into the symbolism of the holiday and will become a favorite place for a kid to draw. Among toys for Christmas, it is worth moving away from standard dolls / cars and choosing truly original presents, for example, a kaleidoscope, a lamp - projector "Night sky", night light with stars. Well, what child wouldn't be happy with chocolate? The best option is the XL chocolate set "Charivniy chocolate".

Cozy Christmas Gift

If you have received an invitation to a Christmas party, it is worth asking who else will be attending. In the case of a friendly sabantui, you should stock up on comic, funny surprises, crackers, sparklers. For a family celebration, you can present unusual "pair" gifts:

  • a couple of thermoses with deer
  • paracups "Just for you"
  • LED candles
  • case for two bottles with Sommelier set

An excellent Christmas gift for your beloved man is a gift set "Mulled wine for a Gentleman", and for a girl a gift set "Cozy", which has angora mittens and a cup in a knitted "vest". This insanely cute present will suit any woman! Creative, cool souvenirs for men and women are best left to colleagues.