In essence, all "special OSRS GP attacks" are gone (which is the reason why a number of items crashed. Dclaws grew from 13m to 500k. All weapons are now tiered. Rune long is now sporting the same stats that rune sword. Only dif is atk (slash/stab) style. 2handed weps have a 150% dmg advantage over 1h weps. 1handed weps are now available as an "off hand" version, which lets u "dual weild" two weps at a time. Dual weilding is p2p. F2P only has one or 2 dual sheps.

All armour lvl50 has the same stats and is linked. There are 3 classes to armour: range, mage, and melee. Tier50 armour; rune, batwing and blue Dhide. They all have the same stats. Just different classes, so someone who ranges a man in rune will have the same damage as someone who is who is meleeing mage. Many things were nerfed or buffed. Deadly red spiders were able to provide more than 200k xp/h when they used P2P stats of 90+cmb.

It's been improved. Pking is more than just a click-atk-food-repeat-repeat until you end up dying. It requires timing, precision and accuracy along with reflexes and planning. Someone in bronze who is aware of what he's doing could possibly beat a man in rune who hasn't a clue.. Longbows are currently sheild bows.. (weaker, but provides def and hp) All armour is now giving an hp bonus.

This was my first log-in in nearly three years. I am amazed by how the game has evolved. While I quit the game in 2008, I subsequently moved into CSS. But I can't think about this game without recollecting all the great moments I shared with fellow players. It's amazing how much the game and people has changed. It's like seeing the world through the past hundred years(Well maybe not as extreme hahahaha. .

There are many things that make this different: the playerbase and the gameplay, as well as the feeling. The old school runescape buy gold chat room for clan members at this hour was among the most surprising things to me. It's not as full as it once was. What's the reason? It's amazing to think about the way this could be happening. However even if I wasn't there the whole time I would have missed it. This is what I believe it means when I look at the one post I made on this account. It's just completely different mood and location than you remember.