The Preet tractor company is one of the most popular and farm implement manufacturers in the Indian tractors market. The Preet tractors are reliable, robust and powerful that can easily handle all the hard farm implementations like harvester, cultivator, thresher, pudder and many more. Along with this, the Preet tractors price range are also budget-friendly according to the customer’s needs.

Moreover, the Preet tractor produces a wide range of tractors ranging from 25 HP to 90 HP, which is the most trustworthy tractor for Indian farmers. The well-liked Preet tractors are Preet 6049, Preet 4549, Preet 3549 and many more, which are more suitable for Indian customers.  

Key Features Of The Preet Tractor

  • The Preet tractor is loaded with many advanced quality features that enhance productivity. 
  • The engine of this tractor can quickly generate a high rated rpm.
  • The engine of the Preet tractor is manufactured with highly advanced technological solutions that provide increased fuel mileage with economic mileage.
  • This tractor comes with excellent power steering and has a powerful braking system that provides effective grip and fast response in the field. 
  • The lifting capacity of this tractor is outstanding. That’s why it can carry huge loads from one place to another easily. 
  • The Preet tractor has a remarkable value in the Indian tractor market due to its reliability and effective work. 
  • The Preet tractor price range starts from Rs. 3.80 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 22.10 Lakh*.

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