El Jefe is a species of name that means "boss" in Spanish. When you visit your boss, your senses are paralyzed, your mind is at ease, you are awake, and you are lively and relaxed. The combination of Abusive OG and Rare Dankness # 1 creates a powerful and spicy taste with a citrusy, transparent, and subtle taste. The spicy lemon flavor may captivate you, but it's probably Eljefe's unique medicinal use, where you'll stay for a while and get up and enjoy the rush.

El jefe strain of Rare Dankness Seeds grows with 70/30 indica dominance and produces dense, huge sticky shoots. They grow in dark green tones with depth and color throughout, from dark blue to light orange. Growers love this strain because it resists common pests, adapts well to different growing areas, and incorporates genetic protection against fungal damage. With sufficient sunlight and at least a little humidity, the strain can be harvested in 9-10 weeks. This will be a little longer than usual, but it's not too difficult.

El Jefe tends to take off especially vertically when grown outdoors, which can result in a single giant cola and a large amount of poor quality. To keep the Erjefe plant sweeter, it is recommended to add plenty of toppings.

It is unique that the taste of Erjefe is a little different from the smell. The scent is soft and hashish, wrapped in the scent of soil. The taste, on the other hand, is an undecided offer backed by lemons and spicy pine, delivered by the boss to the fragile brain. The relief that even a blow of Erjefe offers is notorious. Even those who think they are accustomed to stocks in the 22-25% THC range say El Jefe is a unique hit.

It has a strong calming ability, but it is not enough to feel numbness. Instead, you'll be relaxed, excited, and probably sitting on your couch for a while. For those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression, Eljefe can provide welcoming relief. However, this strain is also known for its ability to treat more complex medical conditions.


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