With this in mind, which review sites are best for asking customers to provide feedback about the company? Why not just ask for company reviews or recommendations on the company website? Well, asking users to leave feedback on the company's website seems much more verified and inappropriate than simply asking users to leave feedback on a trusted review page.
Google My Business adds business data to Search, Maps, and Google+. Therefore, customers can easily find the location from their desktop computer, mobile or other. Google customer ratings show up in searches and are known to improve SEO. Therefore, they are very important to the trust of all companies.

Users can leave business feedback easily and conveniently. The less friction there is with the business review process, the easier it is to get more feedback. Getting feedback about your Google My Business Business account is a good place to start.

Step 1. Submit a review request. Available tools such as Voice of the Customer can simplify this process. Collect feedback from real customers quickly and easily.

Step 2. Link your Google Reviews page to your company website. Just like attaching social media pages to websites using their logos, you can also link these to Google feedback pages.

Step 3. Create a landing page to rate Google on your company website. It is also useful for SEO purposes because reviews contain keywords. Downloading reviews directly to the company's website should encourage other website visitors to leave feedback.

Step 4. Create a banner or CTA button to display on Google. It should be on the home page of the company website that has the most traffic. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Amazon is a powerhouse. So don't be surprised if this is a popular site for reviewing e-commerce business products. If you don't use Amazon, you probably know someone who does (or uses Amazon properly).

In fact, Amazon has a long history of training consumers on how to use its ranking system. So we should probably thank them for helping train so many consumers to quit and do it as part of an online consumer label, if you will.

Amazon is more than just a book review

We can think of Amazon as a virtual library, but Amazon is more than just a book review. For companies doing e-commerce, Amazon is an important source of information. While Amazon is more targeted and relevant to its Amazon partners as a business review website, it is a page worth paying attention to, especially for retailers, about what customers like about certain products and how transactional service aspects are handled.

Yelp is a platform (review website and app) that allows users to post reviews for local businesses. Yelp also teaches small businesses how to respond to company reviews, organize social events for yelp (also known as Yelp reviewers), and share business data, including health check results (Yelp.com).

Reputation management is very important for website review

Yelp has become synonymous with business reviews as its website owns and counts more than 102 million reviews. As the world's largest online source of customer feedback grows, it may be time for all small businesses to take an interest in what consumers are saying online. and especially for their Yelp reviews.

Users will pay less attention to small businesses if all they see is negativity on their Yelp customer review page.

Yelp has a clear "reviewer" -reviewer culture

Consumers rate a business and leaving feedback on a Yelp business is widely known as a "shout." Yelper leaves business feedback to help others in the community make purchasing decisions, and it's important to keep local business customers above all else.

Business review sites like Yelp highlight the growing importance of review monitoring as a way of managing online business reputation. In short, if we haven't won you over on Yelp, then maybe this hilarious Yelp review will do.

Get more feedback from Yelp subscribers
Step 1. Purchase or create a Yelp review. This review-generating tactic doesn't have to be as dirty as it sounds. You can buy reviews from real customers to encourage them to leave feedback. This could be a discount, a free product, or anything the company is willing to trade for a review. This request must be made on the website or via social media as Yelp agrees to the requested deal from its platform.

Step 2. Look at the reviews on the company website. ReviewTrackers recommends using gadgets that can display reviews directly on the website, such as: B. Yelp badges. They should be automatically updated when new reviews are posted on Yelp.

Step 3. Encourage customers to sign up for Yelp. As with Facebook, this tactic is sharing a Yelp business page with other users. It also rewards customers who have "signed up" with special offers from this company.