Hardware components of a POS system

These are the general physical components needed to get your POS up and running.

 Monitor/Tablet: Displays the product database and enables other functions such as employee clocking in and viewing sales reports. Tablets, especially iPads, are popular as a replacement for larger monitors. If you want to manage your business and sales effectively, then use POS Software in Bangladesh now!

 Barcode Scanner: Automates the checkout process. Barcode scanning retrieves product information and adds it to the cash register total. Barcode scanners can also be integrated with inventory management systems to automatically adjust inventory levels.

 Credit Card Reader: Since the EMV payment standard went live in 2015, secure and EMV-compatible credit card readers have been a must-have. Retailers who do not follow the rules face potentially huge losses due to fraud liability.

 Receipt printer: Email and SMS receipts may be gaining popularity, but paper receipts remain essential to give customers a quick snapshot of their purchase or return.

 Cash Drawer: It may fade in the coming years, but cash is still king. Until then, you'll need a safe place to store cash for transactions. Another advantage of cash: there are no credit card fees.