Would you think something as ordinary as eye twitching can be linked to some superstitions or omens? The eyes ' unconscious movement in which they collapse into a repeated spasm may seem innocuous but it is connected to a lot of beliefs. Your jumping eyes might tell you a lot more than you can imagine.

You may find it surprising, but eye twitching superstition is not just about India. In other parts of the world, it is similarly believed and observed. While mild and harmless, at times it can be very bothersome. The twitching occurs on its own most of the time, and may not last long, but there is always a sense behind it.


The eye twitching can be used as a tool for predicting the future, according to Vedic Indian astrology. The prediction varies in terms of gender and eye orientation. Our results differ in the twitching of the right or the left eye. Nevertheless, it is independent of the time of day, in Indian astrology.