Our online pharmacy, Westcoastsupply, recently launched some exciting new products that we would like to share with you. Whether you're looking for AAAA quality marijuana flowers, delicious cannabis edibles, or convenient vapor-breathing accessories, we'll cover you. We also offer great deals such as $ 99-ounce deals and seasonal deals.

If that doesn't seem to be the case, you can also get free shipping by purchasing 3 exclusive cart items for less than $ 20. There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of online dispensary Canada. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products, including types, tastes, and strengths, that can be used by anyone living in Canada. With less overhead, we can offer high quality products at a more affordable price. Now let's introduce you to the launch of new products.

Westcoastsupply recently added Shatter Chews from Euphoria Extractions to inventory. These various fruit flavored marijuana foods come with 12 per box, including both Indica and Sativa strains. THC can be selected from 60 mg or 240 mg. They are tested and made in the lab. A full-spectrum extract sourced from the finest Canadian cannabis. These are perfect for those who are interested in experimenting with your tolerable levels, or who have recently begun their marijuana edible journey. If you don't feel the effect right away, don't forget to wait up to 2 hours before trying your next stretch.

With the temperature skyrocketing in the summer, we decided to add cooler products to our inventory. Remember the hot summer days when you went to a grocery store and bought a freezer to keep you cool? Now, we have a freeze infused with cannabis resin. Keep it fresh and enjoy the euphoric effect at the same time. These Royalty Rossin Freezies come in 6 flavors, each pack containing 50 mg of THC for a total of 300 mg of THC. They will be thawed, but when you receive your order, put them in the freezer for a few hours. There is no better way to overcome the heat than trying one of our rosin freezers.