Students have to experience many things while in school. One of the major concerns is figuring out how to invest their time and efforts to build suitable career opportunities for themselves. Now, just having academic knowledge related to their career field is not enough. They need to hustle more to boost their career growth. For this, students need to do some extra activities during their university period. Just like Drew Cheskin University of Miami has been trying to do.

Drew Cheskin University of Miami is just a student from the University of Miami pursuing a B.S. in Communication in Motion Pictures production. Now if you wonder how you can learn from Drew Cheskin’s experience, then you must keep on reading.

Drew Cheskin University of Miami not only focuses only on his academics, but he also pays attention towards doing deeds that can benefit others and develop some skills in himself. For example, he organized a blood and plasma donation drive during the spring of 2021. This drive was organized in association with and a UMPD Sergeant. From planning to finding sponsors to successful execution, Drew Cheskin put a lot of effort into this. As mentioned earlier, this blood and plasma donation drive helped numerous patients. Along with this, the drive helped Drew Cheskin University of Miami develop planning, management, and successful execution skills that will help him in the future.

There are more things that Drew Cheskin did to make sure that it would help others. During the Summer 2018, he participated as a camp counselor in Miami children's theatre and as a mentor in Shake-A-Leg Miami. Both these experiences helped Drew Cheskin to provide his help to others.

Drew Cheskin University of Miami worked on his leadership skills through these experiences. He helped younger students prepare a musical act, learn arts, and participate in summer water sports. These are During your university time, students should work hard to develop abilities that not only help them grow their career but also do their part to help humanity. Drew Cheskin has tried to do both.

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