The bluefin tuna strain dominant hybrid strain is one of the rarest and most popular cannabis strains on the market. This is a descendant of two equally legendary strains, blueberries and tuna cush.

As a result, 75% are indica-dominated plants, combining the best traits her parents have informed around the world. She is primarily indica and grows as expected due to her narrow leaves, short plant lengths and short flowering cycle.

Bluefin tuna cush is one of the most exciting and sneaky strains on the market. Due to the embedded genetic heritage of tuna cush, this strain has a slightly fishy scent. It also smells of wood, skunk, and diesel that you may want to know in advance. Be careful where you store and grind the plants, as the room will be filled with scents. However, especially when combined with Musk Forest, the lascivious scent is pleasant.

Bluefin Tuna Cush Canada stocks affect your mind and body. On the one hand, THC and CBD have both neuroprotective and antidepressant effects. Your endogenous cannabinoid system appreciates cannabinoid supplementation. There are so many THCs rampant in this strain that you will feel the impact.

Bluefin tuna cush will immediately relax your body. This effect is typical of indica-dominant strains with high THC content. It instantly relaxes your mind from much of that stress while effectively coping with any pain or pain you may be suffering from.

Last but not least, bluefin tuna marijuana strains significantly reduce psychological and physical stress. Plus, with Bluefin Tuna Kush, you can boost your creativity and imagination at high prices.

In this bluefin tuna strain review, we would be disappointed if we didn't warn novice consumers to consume carefully. Given the absolute potency of this 30% THC cannabis strain, she will hit hard and fast.

Bluefin tuna cush offers a unique, exciting and peaceful experience to relax and be happy.