Hot Selling Rosin Press Machine For Sale

Because it's one of the most popular forms of solventless extraction, many want to know what the best rosin press is.

From manual to hydraulic, electric to pneumatic - there are all kinds of different technologies, but which is right for you? There are tons of options out there, and shopping can get overwhelming. But, you can contact ECO Farm and give a try.

Now there are two rosin press in ECO Farm for your reference:

ECO Farm 5 Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Rosin Press Machine


  • 5 tons of Pressure: ECO Farm rosin press machine 5 Ton hydraulic device gives big enough pressure on the plate to get better high-pressure oil extraction.
  • Intelligent Control: Intelligent temperature controller with screen and timing button. With upper and lower heating plates so that objects can be heated evenly.
  • Humanized Design: Ergonomic handle design for easy pressing and moving.
  • High-quality Material: The surface of the heating plate is coated with a high temperature resistant anti-sticking layer, which is easy to clean and anti-oxidation.
  • Heat Plate Size: 6cm x12cm(2.4"x4.7"); temperature range: 0-250 ° C (0-450℉)
  • LCD Display: Intelligent LCD display is used to display the constant temperature controller, and the temperature control is accurate (±10℃).

ECO Farm 300W Power Auto Electric Rosin Heat Press


  • Easy and Efficient: ECO Farm 300W  auto electric rosin press does not require any type of air compressor and usually has built-in electronic pressure control.
  • Advanced Design: This type of rosin press is advanced in design for the extraction industry and has a beautiful appearance. It is especially popular with amateur growers and family extractors.
  • Great Experience: This machine will give you some of the best solventless rosin/wax/concentrates/isolates ever.

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