The correct dose of Golden Teacher Mushrooms will vary from user to user. You need to consider your level of experience as a shroomer and your weight. Another important factor is the desired result for each person. It can be moderate, intense, or light. It is possible to calculate the dose using the generally recommended dose of psilocybin.

In general, microdose to milddose is ideal for beginners. It varies from 0.25 grams to 2 grams of dried mushrooms. Anything over 2 to 5 grams can cause a heroic and intense psychedelic experience from euphoria.

Depending on your experience and body composition, such high doses can take you to a completely hallucinogenic mysterious experience. You can get lost in the sky and have a synesthesia experience-see the sounds and taste the colors.

Please note that the above dosages are arbitrary recommendations and may not be useful to everyone. Therefore, it is best to try the lowest possible dose, especially if you are new to GT mushrooms. That way, you'll end up on the safe side.

The correct answer to this depends on who asks. Cultivation of Golden Teacher's Mushrooms is ideal for some users due to its simple cultivation method and adaptability in almost all environments. This is why GT mushroom spores are commonly advertised by many Canadian mushroom distributors. However, in Canada, ordering mushrooms online is much easier, safer, more convenient and unobtrusive.

The issue of legality also comes with its own ambiguity. In some jurisdictions, the purchase of psilocybin spores is legal, but germination is a crime. This is because the spores do not contain the active ingredient psilocynbi. In some places, it is illegal to have spores, but in other places, it is decriminalized or legalized to have psilocybin for personal use.