When researchers asked 364 adults how they prefer to take medicated cannabis, 53% reported that vaporizers were their preferred mode. Of these, 80% believe that inhaling vapors is a healthier alternative than other methods such as pipes and bowls, and 34.4% believe that vaporizers provide the best symptom relief. Was there.

The use of cannabis vaporizers is increasing, especially among young people. Still, there remain concerns about the safety of these products. In 2019, the CDC and FDA explicitly warn against the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers containing THC, and these products may contain harmful ingredients, increasing the risk of lung damage. Showed that there is a possibility.

Given the sheer volume of cannabis products available, choosing the right product for you can be a daunting task. Before choosing a vaporizer, weigh the pros and cons.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which burn leaves and emit smoke, vaporizers use batteries and small metal coils to heat the substance from vaporization until it is inhaled. For this reason, they are often referred to as arcs, arcpenes, and vaporizers. However, not all devices vaporize in the same way. There are three types of cannabis that you are likely to encounter when looking at a vaporizer: herbs, oils, and waxes.

These vaporizers have a chamber to which dried cannabis flowers are added. When the device is heated, the active therapeutic compound in cannabis is released in concentrated vapor.

Cannabis is heated to the right temperature so it does not burn and minimizes tar and carcinogens that can be inhaled when using pipes and other burned forms. Many herbal vaporizers also have temperature settings that can be changed to control the amount of flavor and vapor inhaled.

Instead of adding dried herbs to the vaporizer, concentrated oil extracted from cannabis plants is added to the oil pen. During the oil extraction process, cannabis oil is often blended with other carrier oils such as hemp oil. As a result, vaporized oils are usually less powerful than waxes, but more powerful than vaporized herbs.

Oil pens are popular with new users because they are clean and easy to use. You can choose a disposable oil pen that will be thrown away as soon as the oil runs out, or you can buy a reusable vaporizer with oil cartridge attachments offered in a variety of flavors and cannabis strains. One oil cartridge can last for several weeks.

Wax is a semi-solid substance extracted from cannabis plants that contains a high concentration of active substances. Often much more powerful than herbs and oils because they are not cut with other carrier oils. The wax vaporizer has three main components: mouthpiece, battery and atomizer.

The wax itself is sold separately and is added to the atomizer and heated with a coil to evaporate. Wax can be a bit expensive and often needs to be reloaded into the Vape Pen Canada, but due to its power, vaporizing the wax is the most efficient way to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Some people think it's a way.