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If you saw that your opponent was clearly stronger than you, would you continue the fight to save face or quietly slink away? In the animal kingdom, predator and prey regularly get into a headlock, and rarely do the prey survive. The key word here is "rarely"! Sometimes, the tables turn, and the predator learns a lesson. We all love an underdog triumphing and giving the big guy a taste of his own medicine. Well, today, we're going to take a look at 15 times predators messed with the wrong prey! Welcome back to 4 Ever Green! Before we get into it, we've got a small quiz for you. In a fight between a sloth and a harpy eagle, who do you think wins? Think about it and stick around for the answer!  Check more about new videos 15 Times Predators Messed With The Wrong Prey

15 Times Predators Messed With The Wrong Prey - YouTube

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