The hub world of NBA 2K22, dubbed "The Neighborhood," will be expanded into "The City" on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game, adding driveway basketball, quest-giving NPCs, and four factions to the game's already extensive list of lifestyle and off-court features. NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts detailed the enhancements and upgrades in a blog post published early Wednesday morning. The company also noted that the series' first hub world, "The Park," was introduced in the launch versions of NBA 2K24 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Cheapest NBA 2K22 MT can be bought at!

Newcomers will begin their civic life in "Rookieville," a welcoming area where they will be required to complete a number of activities before being granted access to the rest of the city. In The City, players can choose between four factions: North, South, East, and West. In each area, players can play basketball on a new Warehouse Court, which unlocks new player progression features for their characters as they progress through the game. NBA 2k22 wishlist that highlights some of the most significant.

The Recreation Center is a great place to hang out.
The Rec Center, which is conveniently located just around the corner from the main street in the neighborhood, is the best place to find pickup 5v5 games. As soon as you walk through the door, you will be paired with four other teammates, and you will face off against another team of five. In the 2K community, it is acceptable to arrive as a group of five people, but this is not always encouraged.

2K Shoe Store is located in the heart of downtown.
Having discussed where we can obtain all of our MyPlayer's apparel requirements, we can move on to the final piece of our outfits, which are his or her shoes. The 2K shoe store, which is directly across the street from The Rec, carries a variety of shoe brands, including Converse. Shoes can be purchased here to be worn in MyCareer games or to complete our outfits while out and about in the neighborhood. A Pro Tip: From the main menu, you can design your own colorways of shoes or even create your own shoes from scratch, which can then be purchased in the 2K shoe store for 20,000 NBA 2K22 MT.

Facility for Team Practice
The training facility for your team is located directly across the street from The Rec and the 2K shoe store. You will be able to complete certain drills in order to earn points toward your badges, as well as earn points in order to unlock cap breakers for your overall. The training facility can only be accessed after completing a MyCareer game and cannot be accessed any other way. It's the quickest way to earn badge points in NBA 2K22 if you always complete your four drills after each MyCareer game.

The Paint (or Tattoo Parlor) is a place where people go to get their tattoos done.
If you'd like to customize the appearance of your MyPlayer, you can visit The Paint and get some ink on him. Tattoos are divided into several categories from which to choose.

Jeff's 2K Arcade is a video game arcade.
You will be able to get your daily spin and win free items right across the street from The Paint in Jeff's Arcade, which is located directly across the street from The Paint. The Daily NBA Pick Em’ game and a mini basketball hoop mini game are both available in the arcade. Once you have earned your way up to the Elite level, you will have access to the Elite wheel, which contains more valuable rewards.

The Countdown Has Begun
You will find yourself in playshot heaven just a few steps away from Jeff's place. To be exact the Ante-up has returned, and this is the place to be if you're looking for bragging rights and valuable coins. Ante Up is similar to the neighborhood, with the exception that you must wager your VC in order to get on the court. The Ante Up court values have been reduced from last year, but there are still six 3v3 courts, two 2v2 courts, and a 2v2 court available to players.

Training Facility for Gatorade
The Gatorade Training Facility allows you to complete workouts that give your MyPlayer's physical attribute a boost, which you can then save and return to later. If you complete your players weekly workout every week, you will receive a temporary stat boost in the areas of speed, acceleration, strength, vertical jump, and stamina, among other things. They range from +2 to +4 points, depending on how well you complete the workout. The workouts consist of the following:Pro tip: Purchasing Gatorade Boosts from the training facility will significantly increase your player's stamina in every game mode.

Docs and Wheels is an acronym that stands for "Doctors and Wheels."
Docs and Wheels is located directly across the street from the Gatorade Training Facility. If you are dissatisfied with your player's haircut, you can visit Docs and Wheels where you can choose from more than 50 different hairstyles and even change the color of your hair. If you're looking to get around the neighborhood more quickly, wheels has all of your transportation options covered.

VC Sports Management is a sports management company.
For any endorsement deal that you have accepted in MyCareer and have completed it during the year, you will receive a text message from your agent instructing you to pick up your check at his office. Located just to the right of the Gatorade Training Facility, this is where you will find the Virginia Commonwealth University Sports Management Office.

MyTeam's Construction
The MyTeam Building provides you with direct access to the MyTeam from the surrounding neighborhood. You will also have the opportunity to have a card created for your MyPlayer that can be used in MyTeam. You can keep track of who has been pulling the newest diamonds and pink diamonds by looking at the ticker on the wall.

Unusual Neighborhood Facts and Factual Information
A lot of murals and street art honoring the late great Kobe Bryant can be found throughout the neighborhood if you take a stroll around it. This year's neighborhood is significantly more vibrant and alive than the previous two years. Within the neighborhood, there is still a 24-hour cycle of night and day. The return of events has been confirmed for NBA 2K22. The subway system has been transformed into a newly constructed bus stop that will assist us in discovering new neighborhoods.

Thank you for taking the time to read our NBA 2K22 Neighborhood guide. We hope that the information and tips provided will assist you in having a successful and enjoyable year of 2K basketball.