The missions will be the same but the pitchers are really far better in the AL.. So are the defenses. Nothing falls and MLB The Show 21 Stubs you can't take any additional foundations since Judge's arm is literally twice as strong as Blackmon's.

From the NL showdown I did not mind lineouts or even the occasional diving catch because I knew I could finally overcome it most of the time. In the AL every line driveway is valuable and not getting hits out of these is a killer.I've noticed the same. Plus there is like 3 pitchers in AL that can hit 102. I also think I am just not used to hitting most of the AL players and can't time the pitches too.

Great ideas. I would rather take care of the desired lag and immature play style of some folks in events and position seasons compared to ever have to waste time building runs for a final I sometimes can not even make because silver and gold pitchers become 99 Diamond Kershaw.

I wouldn't mind a continue of this stage I am so burnt out and bored of those first showdowns, it's bad enough to come up short on a final boss but it's even worse to consider grinding through all the dang minutes again, particularly if you enjoy your lineup.It does not need to be a freebie either. Quite frankly I would be fine with it being a bigger buy in than the typical fee, so it is even something you have to stop and think about, if you would like to buy MLB 21 the show stubs return through or cover the fee.I had 2 Million Stubs and spent all of them in one day.I had 2.3 million stubs and decided to purchase players that I likely would never use for example RIB cards, Headliners, and WS rewards. I made a whole team out of these cards and I'm having the best time of my life, losing in ranked seasons. I didn't want to waste my stubs in packs since I've done that before and it's certainly not worth it.