Planning to shift to NYC? Finding a rental apartment is not as arduous as your agony will depict. One of the easiest ways to find an affordable apartment is by partnering with a verified real estate agent. This blog is for those who want to conclude out how they can rent an apartment in the city of their dreams, without going penniless in the process! Continue reading to discover how you can afford to rent 2 bedroom apartments NYC.


Helpful Tips to Contemplate Before Renting Two-Bedroom Apartments in NYC


  • Know and Understand the Costs of Rentals in NYC


NYC is one of the top destinations for renters which indicates rental apartments get seized up expeditiously and rent prices can go up. It is advisable to be realistic about your rental budget as it will save you plenty of time and an experienced real estate agent can help you decide what rental deal you can score. Being flexible can save you from stress and your precious time.


  • Big Savings


Be more active as it will save you a lot of money on your rent. Some individuals might need an elevator due to their limitations, however, if you are fit and active, then why not save money on your rent? Walk-up apartments are cheaper as compared to elevator apartments, plus you can do cardio and a daily workout without putting in the extra effort. By making the right choice, you can make big savings.


  • Be More Flexible About the Location


Is it really essential to restrict your apartment search to a three-block radius from your workplace? New York City is commuter-friendly as you can find your ride. It is advisable to check out West or East or head further to Upper Manhattan. The central location is going to burn a hole in your pocket so be more flexible about the location.


  • Share Your Apartment with a Roommate


Short on footing the entire rental? We understand your pain! To survive in NYC, plenty of individuals share their apartments. By sharing the apartment, you can reside in the expensive Manhattan neighbourhoods for a portion of the rental cost. Joining your budget with a roommate to share a 2 bedroom apartments NYC can help you save on rent. It will also enable you to stay in a bigger apartment than you can afford on your own.