Forgetting a password is one of the most common things that almost every user faces. The owner of a Google Account also faces similar situations and then has problems logging into their Google Account. Under these Terms, Users may reset their Google Account in a number of ways provided by Google, such as the phone number or date of birth that they provided during account creation. But what if someone forgets these options too because without these options it is difficult to restore a Google account?

How to reset your Google Account by date of birth?

Follow the detailed instructions to reset your Google Account using your date of birth.

  • As you know, a Google Account is one of the main requirements to access and use various Google services products. In addition, you can also use this account to access their Android device or access third-party apps.
  • And with such great services offered by the account, account security becomes essential for the users. Fortunately, Google offers some great security features to its users, however, there are some users who have reported problems logging into their account. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by using Google Recovery to restore access to their account.

Google account password recovery

Some users ask how to create a Google account recovery date. Well, those who have no idea about this recovery option can check the below steps to reset your account password.

  • Google account password reset requires the user to visit the recovery page. Please enter the email address used to sign in to your Google Account. Email or phone number. Then, let go of all recovery options until the Security issue option appears on the screen.
  • Also, answer the security question (this is the date of birth) Continue. And then, the identity of the account will be confirmed. Users can then enter a new account password Save an updated password
  • And when the Google account recovery date expires, the user can try to sign in to the account using the new password. However, if the user is unable to reset their password using the above procedure, they can try alternative methods to recover their account password or contact Google Support for assistance.

Contact the support team for quick fixes

If you are unable to recover your account, is the best way to get help with multiple Google account recovery requests for support. They will help you restore your Google Account as well as provide you with reliable solutions to other Google Account issues.

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