Software Testing

Software TestingThis is a way to verify that the software product meets expectations and to make sure that it is in compliance with all applicable laws.Defect free. This involves the execution of software/system component using manual or automatic tools to evaluate one or several properties of interest. Software testing is used to find errors, gaps, or missing requirements that are not present in the actual requirements.

Others prefer to refer to Software testing as White Box Testing or Black Box Testing. Software Testing is the verification of an application under test (AUT). This Software Testing course explains the importance of software testing to the audience.

Why is Software Testing Important?

Software Testing Is ImportantBecause bugs and errors can be detected early so that they can be fixed before the product is shipped, A properly tested software product will ensure reliability, security, and high performance. This results in cost savings, customer satisfaction, and time efficiency.

What's the purpose of testing?


Software bugs can be costly or even deadly so testing is essential. Software bugs could lead to human and monetary loss. History is filled with such examples.

  • The April 2015 software glitch that affected over 300,000 traders on the financial markets caused the London Bloomberg terminal to crash. The government was forced to postpone a 3bn-pound debt sale.
  • Nissan cars were recalled from the market by more than 1 million customers due to software problems in the airbag sensor detectors. This software defect has been blamed for two accidents.
  • Starbucks had to close 60 percent of its stores in America and Canada because of a software problem in their POS system. The store offered coffee free of charge because they couldn't process the transaction.
  • Due to a software problem, some third-party Amazon retailers saw their product prices drop to 1p. They suffered heavy losses.
  • Windows 10 vulnerability This vulnerability in Windows 10 allows users to bypass security sandboxes by exploiting a flaw within the win32k program.
  • The software bug that made 2015's fighter plane F-35 unable to correctly detect targets caused it to crash.
  • China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed on April 26, 1994 due to a software glitch, killing 264 innocent people.
  • 1985: Canada's Therac-25 radiation treatment machine failed to deliver lethal radiation doses to patients. This caused 3 deaths and 3 serious injuries.
  • A software glitch caused the launch of a military satellite worth $1.2 billion to fail, making it the most expensive accident in history.
  • A software glitch caused 823 bank accounts at a major U.S. banking institution to be credited with 920 millions US dollars in May 1996.

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What are the advantages of Software Testing?

Here are some of the benefits to software testing

  • It's cost-effective:Software testing has many benefits. It is possible to save money by testing any IT project in a timely manner. It is cheaper to fix bugs that were discovered earlier in software testing.
  • SecuritySoftware testing is the most sensitive and vulnerable benefit. Trusted products are sought after by people. This helps to eliminate risks and problems sooner.
  • Product quality:Software products must have testing. Customers receive a high-quality product only when testing is done.
  • Customer satisfaction:Any product's main goal is to satisfy their customers. UX/UI Testing is essential to ensure the best user experience.

Software Engineering Testing

As per ANSI/IEEE 1059,Software Engineering TestingThis is the process of evaluating a product in order to determine if it meets the requirements. This involves testing the features of the product to determine if they meet the requirements.

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Types of Software Testing

These are the types of software testing:

Usually, Testing can be divided into three types.

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing and Performance Testing
  • Maintenance (Regression, Maintenance)

Software Engineering Testing Strategies

These are some important strategies for software engineering.

Unit:The programmer follows this basic software testing approach to verify that each unit of the program is working correctly. This allows developers to determine if the code works correctly.

IntegrationThis section focuses on the design and construction of the software. It is important to verify that all integrated units work without errors.

SystemThis method involves assembling your software as a single unit and testing it as such. This strategy tests functionality, security, portability and other aspects.

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Program Testing

Programm TestingSoftware testing is the execution of an actual program to test its behavior and find errors. To analyse program behavior and response to test data, the software program must be executed using test case data. Program testing that is reliable and easy to use will find bugs.


Summary of Software Testing Basics

  • Software Testing is defined as the activity of comparing actual results with expected results to determine if the software system is error-free.
  • Software bugs can be costly or even deadly so testing is essential.
  • Software testing is important for several reasons: security, cost effectiveness, product quality, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Typically, Testing can be divided into functional testing, performance testing, or non-functional testing. Maintenance is also a category.
  • Software engineering is based on the following important strategies: unit testing and integration testing, validation testing, system testing, and testing.

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