Amazon charges 15% of the selling price for every item that is sold, regardless of how it is fulfilled. Amazon FBA typically charges two fees in addition to the seller fee.

  • Storage fees for inventory
  • Fulfillment fees

These are just a few of the many things we can learn about.

Fulfillment Fees

This fee structure covers all aspects of fulfillment. The shipping weight and the product size of the item being shipped will affect the fulfillment fees. The following categories are based on the item size:

  • Standard size
  • Oversize

Standard size items will have fulfillment fees ranging from $2.41 for items under 1 pound to $4.71 for items over 2 pounds. For larger products, fees start at $8.13. The fulfillment fees will depend on the product you sell.

Product Return Fees

Amazon Prime is available for eligible products. If so, you will need to pay an additional fee to ensure FBA returns.

Charges for Inventory Removal

FBA can be expensive if you decide not to use it. Amazon remove will charge $0.50 to $0.60 per item depending on its size.

Penalty Fees

Amazon might penalize sellers who don't follow its rules. Unplanned FBA fees might be assessed to sellers who have not prepared the products according to Amazon's essential packaging guidelines.

Package preparation fees

You will need to select the Amazon package and prep product. It comes with an additional cost. The amount of the required fee will depend on your order volume and margins.

Why should a seller use FBA Calculator?

FBA cost calculators are a great tool for sellers to use when they're researching or scouting new products.

These tools can be used to estimate a net profit and a margin for a seller who is selling products via Amazon's FBA service. It is also possible to estimate the cost of a product per unit.

FBA cost calculators are also available to help sellers understand the impact of changing the selling price or product cost on their profit margin.

You can use the data from the calculator to determine the price range for a product that you would like to sell or to get an idea of the minimum price that the buyer will pay to maintain profitability.

If a seller is contemplating switching from SFP/FBM to FBA, the Amazon FBA calculator is best.