With the end of the fireworks event held by the studio, things seem to be less than ideal. Fans have to return to ordinary life, which even more feels that Animal Crossing New Horizons urgently needs high-quality, meaningful content to win fans. However, the recent news of the cooperation with Puma has caused a lot of criticism, and the excessive consumption of game IP makes fans feel very dissatisfied.

Fans hope that the event will be held more frequently, instead of waiting for more than a year to see this grand event go life, which will make impatient players decide to leave. This amazing festival makes the whole of August feel special, and everyone hopes it will return soon.

Witness the night sky illuminated by the ecstasy of the cleverly placed gunpowder. Therefore, this is why this event is everyone's favorite. Some new players have never really experienced the magic of the fireworks festival. They and most players in the game want to take full advantage of its epic ending.

It's nothing, but it's honest work, and Nintendo can't seem to break it. Fans continue to condemn the studio for launching non-original and meaningful content. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy Animal Crossing Items and Nook Miles Tickets.

A player defended his favorite game in the face of a large group of negative comments. He clarified that it takes a lot of time to produce good content, and the studio has stated that it is in production. Don't give up new horizons for now. More content is still on the way. The firework festival may have passed, but something great seems to be brewing. Nintendo has not given up on this game, and fans have no reason to lose hope. September has arrived, and I hope that the Moonwatching Festival in September will give players a better experience.

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