Maximum times the most neglected part of our body is our teeth. We do not go to dentist until it is broken or you are having trouble in eating because of pain. At this moment of rush, we often take wrong decisions in deciding which dental clinic to visit. There will be lot of options available near your area. Now a days you can search on google and social media. Today in this article we will be discussing how to find the most trusted dentist in Panchkula. And also we will explain you why Tooth care dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Panchkula.

We will  make it easy for you by letting you know about all the facilities and services that we provide you.With every visit you will appreciate yourself for choosing the top dentist in Panchkula. Here at Tooth care dental clinic, we have team of specialised doctors including Dr Akhil Gupta who is specialised in Root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry and Dr Sudha gupta who is specialised in crown and implants and is a gold medalist during her master degree.

Along with them we have other specialists also including oral surgeon, pedodontist, orthodontist and periodontist. The treatment done by specialist is always a best treatment that you can get. We know that while choosing the best dentist for you, you also want nice cozy ambience in which you can feel comfortable during your treatment as well as during your waiting period. Now a days hygiene is the most important thing. So we try to make sure that we follow the proper hygiene protocols.

Here at toothcare dental clinic, we provide you the most comfortable enviornment to relieve your anxiety and fear of visiting a dentist. During your waiting period you can listen to your favourite music or news or can read various magazines which are showing recent dental advancements.

Our top doctors will listen to all of your queries very carefully and will guide you with best treatment options for you. In last few years like every working field, dentistry has seen lots of advancements and improvements. At tooth care dental clinic, we use all the latest equipments and instruments that helps in providing the best treatment.

Few of them are B class autoclave  which are the most advanced steam sterilizers, intra oral camera which is used to show you inside of your mouth and letting you know the exact cause of your dental problem, intra oral scanner which eliminates the tradiotional imperssion taking technique and takes 3D image of your tooth. Some patients who cannot tolerate dental impression materials its a blessing for them. This is the only dental clinic of tricity where you can see the inta oral scanner. We are giving the facility of giving your crown just in a single day. The best part of these latest machinery is, you do not have to worry about cross infection.

One more advanced instrument that have been added to our operatory is Switzerland based scaler for cleaning of your teeth. It is very efficient in cleaning teeth without damaging top enamel layer of tooth. It does not have that old vibrating noise. Hence patient feels more comfortable in getting cleaning procedure.

We also provide you the latest invisalign treatment that is invisible braces. Invisalign is a hassle free braces treatment, removable, easy to use, with no food restrictions and provide you desired results with minimum dentist visits. Along with all these services which our top dentist provide you, we understand that the need of an hour is a “covid free dental clinic”.

During this pandemic, sterilization and our patients safety is or upmost concern. We are taking all the necessary measures to maintain our patients health. After working hours, we fumigate our entire operatory area. Fumigation is a technique in which chemical smoke is used to eliminate all the infectious diseases. It is the most successful way to sterilize medical/dental working areas. 

 With all this information you will never struggle to find a top dentist or a best dental clinic to ease your dental issues. During these tough times for all your worries to get a good quality and safe dental treatment or to provide a best dental treatment to your child , toothcare dental clinic is a boon.