When it comes to building paver driveways or walkways, there will inevitably be some curves in the design and shape. But how does one create such shapes? This is a quick guide on how to do just that.


First you will need the following tools. Own and be able to operate a concrete (or masonry) saw. The smaller ones like the Dewalt 9" have better control but can't cut more than 2 inches of brick. Larger ones like the ones from Husqvarna can cut almost 5 inches with their 14" saws but have more torque, which makes precision cutting more difficult.

You will also need some sort of a marking tool, whether it be pencil or a wax pen.

Besides that you will want a straight edge and a garden hose.

Mark and Cut

You will want to first set a template. A garden hose is great for that. Lay the hose in the curve and shape you want on top of the laid pavers. Then using pavers to hold the hose down into shape, mark and trace with your pencil or wax pen along the hose. This can also be done with certain pvc pipes as long as they are flexible.

For a walkway, without removing anything, create a parallel line to the garden hose and mark that with a pencil. Once this is down, take a look and see if the lines look the way you want and are parallel. It won't ever be perfect but it needs to look good.

Once you are satisfied, remove the hose and all other materials and take a masonry saw to score the tops of the brick along the line. Scoring means to just barely cut into bricks with the saw. You are basically scratching a groove into the surface to act as a guide and template later. Do the same thing for all curved sections. If mistakes are made, throw out the damaged brick and get a new one.

Once the soring is done, take out the bricks one by one onto a stable surface and cut them. Be sure to use safety equipment such as wearing eye protection, protective masks, and water to keep the dust down. If a mistake is made, that's ok, just get another brick and do it again. It's not the end of the world.


Creating curves and cool shapes into a paver surface may seem difficult but like everything in life, it gets easier with practice. The key is to score them first rather than cutting them from the beginning one by one as that will gve you a consistent curve rather than a blocky one. If you are still unsure after this, hire a local landscaping company to install your pavers for you.