Magic, for one. . But it'd be RS gold quite slow with this particular method. . (9kish every ) and then alch them. They alch to get 9.3k ea. . After nats cost, thts still 100-150 gp, per alch... Per alch gives 63 exp or so. Lets say u require 12.5mil exp for 99 mage. U may get 1200 alchs per hr, if ur committed. . In other words it will take u 330.5 days to purchase all the staffs u need for 99 mage... Although only need alch for about 5 hrs a day, for 30 days to receive 99 mage. If u want to purchase all of the staffs b4 u start alching them. . 30mil wont cut it... Actually ull require approx: 1,984,130,000 gp to buy all the staffs required for 99 mage... So just purchase as much as u can for 30m, alch, and place the order again. Someone is trying to hack my account (because of this fact that I have recieved 5 official e-mails from runescape) stating that someone is trying to recover my password - that I am not doing. This has caused me to change my details - bank pin, security concerns, registered e-mail and password. I've even transfered all my tradeable things to my secondary accounts just to keep them safe just in case. I've a feeling that it is because someone seen me game wearing complete dragon armour on a pursuit, possibly?

I do not use any form of bot, so I understand its not a hack attempt from one of them as I have never even considered downloading one. I have AVG anti virus and Ad-Aware software, and am using a fundamental windows firewall. (I also have other anti-computer hack apps that I am not likely to make public). Virus scan was performed yesterday, discovered nothing. I am beginning to get somewhat worried now, this really is my principal account and dont want to lose it. Thank you Beforehand!

In all honesty there is not any reason to increase any skills prior to going to membership, as coaching any ability is easier with a membership. For low level abilities, you have significantly less crowded skilling areas. For higher level skills, you've got more options to train. If it is an alternative, get membership straight away.

When you have little membership time available, I would highly recommend increasing magic and melee combat stats. Combat lets you do more generally, such as skilling in dangerous locations. Magic is very helpful for teleports to save huge amounts of traveling time. Agreed with above, but make alot of money, maybe spend half of buy osrs gold paypal your membership time earning money. Money is insanely difficult to earn f2p unless your staking (That is difficult to get kills but you can make millons an hour).