In an overall sense I am thinking things like the following. For hitting this really is the way to approach an at-bat, what pitches to Stubs mlb the show 21 search for in some counts, when to put off and when to be competitive, ect. For pitching it could be things such as pitch sequencing, tunneling, realizing what pitch/location your competitor can and can't reach, ect. For baserunning it could consist of types of hits you should make an effort to stretch for extra-bases, once you need to play it safe, what to slip on, ect. Fielding could talk which plays to try for rather than attempt to find in different defensive situations.

Even though there is certainly not straightforward consensus on these items I think that their is some generally good advice to follow, especially for people next game cycle that are brand new to baseball.

That's a great idea. If there's a great article you have in mind I can link to, allow me to know.

My"I've lost yet another damn Showdown, here's how I'd fix it" PostLook, I love the concept of Showdown and cheap MLB 21 the show stubs the development system of this mode. Grow your group through challenges and off the face against a Mid Boss and End Boss. However, I just failed what is probably my 25th attempted Showdown (1-24 for anyone asking) and I can't help but wonder why this mode is really difficult for me.