Thus, in the two manners I: Max out. Get Elysian. Get 6 Chaotics. If I have not already mentioned this, after I purchase Elysian, I will be dunging into 99 then possibly 120. Well, as I mentioned, this really is a long term objective. 1-2 years. Just wondering on opinions. So, really, I'm looking for OSRS gold a reasons - maybe not an exact answer. I will be replacing the toktz-ket-xil with a dragon guardian, also dharok's body together with guthan's body, since guthan's body offers the identical defense value, but is a lot cheaper. And yes, I will be saving up for a fury... Any other suggestions? I'd gladly take em.

If you want that 77 str to 80, you cant do it with a whip. I suggest a saradomin sword (ss), or if you dont have the cash, a d scimmy/d defender combo. In the event you not or cant however do the monkey insanity pursuit, then I suggest either a brac blade, or a long if your really low on the moneys.

Additionally, what are you really going to be utilizing this armour for? If coaching without taking much harm (pest management ) the I dont suggest using barrows. You ought to think about getting a fighter torso for coaching since it includes 4 str. It requires some time to get but its well worth it, and the miniature game is enjoyable. If you are likely to be slaying or participant fighting in security (castle wars, duels) then I suggest the armour above. You wouldnt imagine just how much people will do to get an additional 4 str (22 mil to get tassy with 2 str). Paying 4 mil for a ring with 4 str is worth it.

Why Is Everything Crashing? Whips are going down, furys are crashing together with the dfs. Those are just a couple of cheap RuneScape gold ive noticed in the last few days. Other items appear to be going down at a much quicker rate than normal today. The bgs is behaving like a mo fo too. Even sharks are moving down pretty quickly, so I dont think its only permanent products. What do you think? Why costs vary, in this case crashing.