surrogacy in Gurgaon: Surrogacy in Gurgaon is a process in which a woman who is willing to help or wants to earn some livelihood through money offers her womb to the couple with fertility problems and is not able to have a baby. Surrogacy is very famous in metropolitan cities as Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc. the surrogate woman offers her womb for nine months to giving birth to a child of the couple, the child has no relation with the surrogate as she is not a biological and genetic mother of the child. She cannot show any legal custody of the child after birth. The couple and the surrogate mother are bound to a legal agreement according to it they cannot cancel their procedure after the signing of the agreement. The couple is bound to avail monthly charges to the surrogate and after the birth of the child has to pay a big amount for delivering their child. 


Surrogacy process in Gurgaon

process of surrogacy in Gurgaon takes a lot of time as the surrogate undergoes multiple screenings and the step by step reaching till the delivery of the baby:

  • Selection of the surrogate: in the selection process the centers in Gurgaon find the most suitable match to the couple based upon the physical health and biological criteria.
  • Screening and examinations: the doctors do multiple tests and screening of the surrogate to find out her health, capability of bearing a child. 
  • Legal contracts: the couple and surrogate signed a legal affidavit through which they cannot deny the birth of a child (on the behalf of a surrogate), cannot change their mind, and (on the behalf of the couple) cannot deny custody of the child.
  • Uterus stimulation: the uterus of a surrogate prepared with the help of medicines before the implantation of the embryo.
  • Transfer of embryo in the uterus: after the fertilization process with sperm the embryo is monitored for multiple days and transfers to the uterus of the surrogate mother.

In Gurgaon, gestational surrogacy is very famous and in demand. Mostly every clinic in Gurgaon offers gestational surrogacy. 

Cost of surrogacy in Gurgaon

The cost of surrogacy in Gurgaon is not as much greater as compared to the different countries and cities. They offer the best value that is demanded with the financial help also to the couples.surrogacy cost in gurgaon:  surrogacy Clinics in Gurgaon provide the best surrogates at the total cost of around Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 17 lakhs. The cost of a surrogate mother may be different based on variant factors such as: 

  • Consultancy fees: experienced doctors and experts demand huge consultancy fees and also charge for finding a suitable surrogate for the couple.
  • Donor’s eggs and sperm: using the donor’s egg or sperm can add more charges to the final one.
  • Cost of procedure: gestational surrogacy cost more than traditional genetic surrogacy.
  • Legal formalities charges: the legal bonds charges for making affidavits that are legally approved and well registered. 
  • Surrogate regular expenditures: the couple has to provide the monthly charges for food, medicines, and daily needs. 
  • After the delivery: after the birth of the child, the surrogate is compensated with a huge amount of money for bearing the child and giving birth. 

The total cost of surrogacy can be changed if the family member of the couple is ready to be a surrogate for their child so the money can be saved. 

Benefits of choosing surrogacy in Gurgaon

Multiples of benefits are present in Gurgaon for surrogacy such as:

  • Success rates of IVF in Gurgaon: the success rate of surrogacy is higher than the other treatments of fertility.
  • Financial help: clinics in the city provide financial help to couples who are not able to pay the entire amount. They provide an installation process for payment. Loan facilities are also available in the city. 
  • Screening: in the clinic surrogates undergo multiple screenings that help them to identify the health of surrogates.
  • Trusted surrogates: centers of surrogacy avail the trusted surrogates to the couple in terms of loyalty, mental and physical health, and fitness. They provide the best surrogates.

These are the reasons that many couples across the world are coming for surrogacy in Gurgaon. 

In an overview of the following article, surrogacy in Gurgaon can be the right option for a couple with fertility issues and want to become parents of their child. The cost of surrogacy in Gurgaon is very affordable as compared to the different parts of the country and world. The surrogates in Gurgaon are the trusted ones. The success rates of surrogacy are also better than in other parts. The centers give the help of a loan and medical insurance. Many centers for surrogacy are present in Gurgaon.