Software tracking management tool Jira was developed in 2003. It is referred to as a generic ticking system in the Jira bug tracking tool. Learn Jira Online from skillsion, to solve the issues in the bugging system.

Jira is the most effective bug tracking tool on the market. Jira administration allows for the most efficient and robust Jira instance. Planning features, workflow engines, and a proper search function are all available in Jira. Products can be fully controlled, and workflows tailored to meet user needs.

Methods of Bug Tracking


In use for more than a decade, Redmine is compatible with PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL. Ruby is used to create this flexible project management system. More than one project can be managed at a time with Redmine's features. 

Request Tracker

Helpdesk questions, bugs, security issues, and support tickets can be submitted through this platform. Users can acknowledge emails, and custom scripts can be written to manage tickets.


It has distributed version control, wiki services, bug tracking, and blogging capabilities across a wide range of platforms. Jira Online Training gives the best guidance to the students, with help of trained experts. Because of the built-in interface, project tracking is simplified. In addition, it enhances situational awareness.  


Sifter believes that managing large-scale software is difficult and that bugs take time to fix. A sifter can help us save money on our budget. It is capable of analyzing and understanding the way codebases are constructed. A flowing system is used by the sifter to conclude its bug testing.


Bugzilla is an open-source tool that offers duplicate bug detection, robust search engine capabilities, patch viewer, and time tracking. It provides software with a low learning curve that is easy to use. 


For better bug reporting, we allow images that are nothing but Futurama using a special tool. Partners and collaborators can exchange ideas more effectively with the help of this visual ticketing solution. Time tracking is just one of the modules that Futuramo can provide. To get more information about the bug, we can include text and drawings.


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