Paragraph 1:

Terry Eagleton has pointed out that man as a cultural being is distinguished by his symbolic character, Best Dissertation Writing Services UK, unlike other animals "whose bodies leave them only limited power to free themselves from the contexts that determine them." 2 Mythical symbols reveal human beings Powers that go beyond the natural ones and that, in the case of the sacred quality that was granted to epilepsy, served to explain why the superior capacities of certain men who suffered from that evil.

Paragraph 2:

Human history is populated with myths because “myth, like science, has the ambition to explain the world by making its phenomena intelligible. Like her, she tries to offer a man a way of acting on the universe, assuring him of his spiritual and material possession. Faced with a universe full of uncertainties and mysteries, the myth intervenes to introduce the human ”. 3 This is not a gratuitous daydream but a working hypothesis, an attempt to get out of the impotence in which the human being finds himself.

Paragraph 3:

James G. Frazer in The Golden Bough: Magic and Religion 4 relates the various myths to a considerable number of issues that men wanted to explain through them: the domain of time, the beneficial power of trees, the seasons of the year, death, vegetation, spiritual powers, evil and the elements. This author gives great importance to religion by virtue of whose myths human limitations are supplemented by the unlimited power of the gods.

University students and writing the academic essay: difficulties and possibilities


The academic essay is a highly requested text in humanistic careers, Best Essays UK, despite this, many students state that they do not know how to write it properly. To deepen this situation, an investigation was carried out whose purpose was to know the meanings of the writing of academic essays. It was worked under the sociocultural theory. Ten psychology students from a public university were interviewed. The information obtained was organized into proposed categories based on the antecedents that support this research. 

The findings suggest that the students conceive the essay as writing that combines subjectivity and knowledge. The study revealed that participants consider that the interactions they establish with peers and teachers can be beneficial or hindering when they write academic essays. Likewise, the study showed that students believe that the lack of unification of criteria for the elaboration of this type of text is an impediment to quality production.


The academic essay is a commonly required text in humanities programs. However, many students demonstrate that they do not know how to write correctly. In order to learn more about this situation, we carried out a study whose purpose was to identify the different meanings implicit in writing academic essays. The work was done from the perspective of sociocultural theory. Ten students of psychology at a public university were interviewed. The information obtained was organized into categories based on previous works that support this research. 

Now, the discursive genre is the appropriate term to refer to the particular way of using language during a composition process. In a traditional way, it had been understood as a series of features shared by certain texts. In this way, logically, their presence in production was a guarantee of a successful result. At present, it is possible to observe how, gradually, Best Dissertation Help, this scheme has been transformed as a consequence of including the social factor as an essential ingredient in scriptural activity.