Guitar effects are many, but there are many that are not useful. I narrowed my collection down to about 10, but I have a few things to say that are absolutely necessary for tuning the guitar. A broken mini guitar pedal will help you get the most out of your amps. I have an AMP that has a clean channel and a dirty channel. There are many mini distortion pedals that play through a dirty channel, but I prefer to play with my own clean settings. I use Metal Muff from EHX.


He has the ability to break the scream until he gets too angry and gets too angry. Each end of the range is well suited to many styles of music. A little after 12 o'clock, it sounds like 80s-style heavy metal. Reheating it between 8 and 12 o'clock gives you a very good tone for blues and classic rock.

My favorite mini pedal is a 10 band EQ made by MXR, which is the most popular with this mini phase pedal. This mini guitar pedal gives me many options with 10 frequency ranges, as well as a slider before and after the gains. The sliders' settings range from -10 to +10, allowing you to collect or amplify tones, which can help your awesome mini pedal get an insanely big gain.

Effects Loop

The best place to use these Best Mini Guitar Pedals is in the effects ring on my amp. This allows me to shape my tone after the preamp tubes and before the power amp. If you don't have an effect cycle amp, I recommend putting your mini pedal in the chain after the mini-break pedal, allowing you to form a broken tone, not an EQ-shaping break.

Compression Mini Pedal

I am also very happy to have a mini guitar pedal to compress the chain. I did it with a broken mini pedal before and after the accident. It is completely subjective to your personal tastes and compression needs. My compressor, which is the Boss CS-3, keeps the sound constant when playing with high levels of distortion. In addition, it increases the stability that can be lost when using a large amount of distortion. Choosing these isn't always easy, so you'll need to be patient when installing it, as well as remember to access your settings once you find a sweet spot.


The chorus is another mini guitar pedal that I use in my daily settings, which gives this soft, distorted tone a distinctive nice, oily color. When I play high-level music, I don't really use it at all, just for low-level distortions, and even at an extreme level. However, just like with a compressor, sometimes finding that nice spot can be a bit tricky, and if the speed and pitch are too high, you won't be able to control your voice. These are my stubborn mini-pedals for setup; I use a few more for special songs, but not for full-time play. Make sure to thoroughly test your mini pedals at a guitar store before purchasing, and make sure they offer a decent return policy.