As an SEO agency, you always need to focus on client retention to bloom your company. The cost of acquiring new client is more than the maintaining the clients who are already under contract with you.

Being an SEO consultant, you always keep on thinking about getting a new client as they are only the key to the growth of your business. You may be getting many types of client, but very few of them would able to get convert to your customer.

Convincing a new client regarding your services is really a very tedious task. But, with the implementation of the right strategy, you can easily deal with your new clients. So, let’s see how you can make your client quite impressive at their initial level.

1.      Always be active towards their every mode of contacts

This is the simplest and easiest way to turn your client from email to call. You need to speak with many agencies so that you can have the multiple proposals. Multiple proposals will help you to know that what actually the clients need.

While replying to their chat or email, you should keep in mind that your mail is too short so that clients can read and understand. If it’s too long, a client may move towards the other agencies whose services can be easily understood in a very short term.

In your response, you must reply with thanks while scheduling their comfortable to contact them via email, chat, or phone.

It will be better if you contact them via phone after scheduling a comfortable time for them.

2.      Be careful on the first call

The First call to your client is very important as it can only help to proceed further with their project. You should schedule a call for at least 30 minutes so that you can have the proper understanding of their project.

With this initial phone call, you need to discuss various points to finalize that whether you should proceed further or not.

  • Know perfectly about their business model so that you can know that whether that project profitable to you or not.
  • Get it confirm that whether they are looking for services, strategies, or combination.
  • Their inquiry and knowledge about your team structure and marketing channel.
  • Confirm whether the person you are speaking with is the third party or the person who actually going to have the complete control over that.
  • The range of their budget
  • Time to start their project

After, recognizing these things you should thank them for their time and make them aware of the next step you will take for their project.

3.      Proceed further with client

Assuming your call with your client, you will need a process to follow so that follow-ups could be processed further.

Right after the call, just start following the person you spoke with via email so that they know about discussion and could know the next step.

You should thank them for giving their precious time and should show great fullness for choosing for their project.

After the first call, you should use impressive templates while replying to the client so you should beware of the things you discussed with the client on the first call.

After sending the email, you can review their website and project to know that whether you can add value. If this project can perfectly cover your budget, you can consider it, otherwise, you can look for the next.

4.      Decide to pitch

You perfectly need to choose the right prospects that could be valuable for your business. Being aware of your ideal customer in terms of budget, types of project, services, combination, and strategies, you can perfectly determine that whether you should pitch the work or not.

However, there are some factors that you should avoid like:

  • Impractical expectation
  • Low budget
  • Resources unavailability

So, you should look for the client that could pay well so that a proper budget line could always be maintained while benefitting you. If the project doesn’t meet the minimum budget level, you should not pitch the project.

Considering these above factors can help you lot in pitching the right client that could be well suited and profitable for your company profit.

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