You should understand some of the basic principles of lighting as well as composition if you want to take good photos to post on your Instagram profile. In this regard, you should follow some of the simple rules. 

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Making Use Of Natural Night

Lighting is the key to clicking a good photo. So, you should understand the best ways to use light. This can be considered to be the first as well as the integral rule of getting the best photos. You can even achieve this only by using your phone.

Another thing that you should do is to avoid making use of your flash. Instead of this, you can use natural light to get brighter as well as richer photos. Even when you are shooting at the night, you need to look for an ambient light source such as store windows as well as street lamps.


Avoid Overexposing Your Images

You can consider brightening up a too-dark photo with the help of editing tools. But, you will not find any specific tools which will fix an overexposed photo. This is the main reason why you should prevent overexposure by proper adjustment of the lighting on your screen. 

To adjust exposure, you should tap as well as slide your finger up or down. The more clear your image will be, the more followers you can gain. Also, you can buy Instagram followers today if you are struggling to get your initial followers. 


Importance Of Shooting At The Right Time

Photographers are always in love with the golden hours. It is that time of the day when the sun remains at a low position on the horizon. At this period, you can click beautiful photos. This is considered to be a natural Instagram filter. 

Clouds would seem great in case you are shooting at midday. Under direct sunlight, it can be difficult to get a good shot. On the other hand, the clouds contribute to diffuse the light specifically from the sun which helps in the creation of softer as well as flattering effect. 


Following The Rule Of Thirds

The composition is specifically referred to as the arrangement of a photo i.e. the colors, textures, shapes as well as other elements. In this regard, the rule of thirds is considered to be a well-known composition principle. This is a simple method in which you can balance your particular image. 

The image is divided into a 3×3 grid with its help and it aligns the objects or subjects in a photo. This helps in the creation of balance. 


Framing Your Subject

You should leave space specifically around the focal point of your photo. This will contribute to add more visual interest rather than zooming it. It can make photos even better. You can “Zoom in” you phone camers by view field shrinking. It is similar to a camera with an adjustable lens.

With this effect, you would be able to pre-crop your image. But, this can limit your editing options. Instead of this, you need to click on your focal point or photo subject for focusing on the camera. 

The external lens can even provide you with more options that fit on to your phone. 



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