How many trees are planted in Animal Crossing New Horizons? There is a knack for planting trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Generally speaking, there should be several spaces between trees, otherwise the overall planning effect of the island will be affected. Here is everything you need to know about planting trees in Animal Crossing.

What's the right spacing for planting trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons

It doesn't matter that the trees that have already borne fruit can be pulled up and planted densely. Even if there are more than 9 fruit trees in the range, they will still bear fruit. No other saplings can be planted around the saplings. There should be at least two spaces between each sapling. To put it simply, the surrounding eight cells based on saplings must be empty. If it's just weeds, flowers and fences, it doesn't matter. If there are trees in the grassland next to the beach, it can't grow up.

And then we can calculate the value of 7 by taking a tree as the center point × No more than 8 trees are allowed within the range of 7. If it exceeds 7, it seems that it will be too dense to grow. That is to say, the planting method of one tree in two spaces only applies to 2 × 2 small space, 3 × 3, it will stop growing because of too much in the range. I've come up with a way of arranging it. It won't be too neat and there won't be too many trees in the area. In this way, no matter where it comes from, circle 7 × 7, there will only be seven trees in this area.

The ACNH fruit trees will not change color according to the season, only the basic trees will. If someone has emptied the broad-leaved trees on the island, they can leave the money tree as cherry tree or maple tree( Of course, it's OK to have all the fruit trees on the island.) besides, trees can be planted on the land near the square (right behind the service office, but not by the street lights).

It's about the same as if there are obstacles in the surrounding octagonal grid( Then the fruit produced in your own island will only be sold for 1000 ACNH bells in your own store. If you are short of money, you can take it to someone else's Island and sell it for 5000 ACNH bells (if it is different from your original fruit). No matter who sells coconuts, it's 2500 ACNH bells.

Finally, the saplings will not be crushed. I took a sapling to test it earlier. Even if I brake on it and run back and forth, the saplings will not be crushed. As for the soil above the second layer, fruit trees can also be planted, but with limited space and climbing up and down, I don't really want to plant there.

Other tips

The adjacent land beside the river can not be planted into trees, although it can be planted with fruit seedlings, it will not grow every other day. The two ends of the bridge are also limited, and the lattices nearest to the two sides that can dig holes cannot be planted into trees. Some players mentioned that if the general trees are planted casually, it will affect the color change of the season. At present, it will not. Yesterday, two general broad-leaved trees were put together. The next day, the leaves of these two trees have the same color change.