Rocket League's modern-day area is getting an choice to toggle off its lights consequences, after Rocket League Trading some gamers mentioned experiencing seizures playing on the pitch.

Introduced remaining month, Neon Fields is an aggressively cyberpunk map. It's that 80s text generator became a football pitch, Tron's neon-lit light-motorbike arenas repurposed as car-soccer arenas lit through manner of each vaporwave sundown. Unfortunately, The Loadout stated that the awesome strobe lights had been giving some players epileptic seizures—and with no manner to reliably keep away from man or woman maps, this suddenly made the game unplayable for these humans.

Now, developer Psyonix wants to deliver these gamers returned to the world with a latest accessibility desire. In a February 1st update, the developer will introduce a brand new visible outcomes toggle that solely tones down Neon Fields' lights shenanigans. 

"Based on modern-day participant comments, we've got become aware that the results and lights in Neon Fields can negatively impact the game enjoy for a few players. To make certain that Rocket League stays exciting for all game enthusiasts, we're adding a new settings choice called "Effect Intensity" that adjusts the intensity and movement of RL Prices visuals for this Arena."