I cannot wait to OSRS gold see how insane the 20 year emote Will be and how many people I'm going to annoy with it Same (made it in the late 2004) and while I haven't logged into  osrs for just a year I still do not consider that as me quitting this match.

I haven't logged in as 2010 I presume, after stopping in 2007. Bear in mind that the Easter Bunny ears that they dropped from 2003 or 2004? Everyone I ran around in 2010 was  like,"what exactly are those?!" . I wonder whether they eliminated old accounts if folks have not logged into a decade lol

I mean have stopped logging in as often as I used to after wildriness remuval upgrade and after the update that raised hp and dmg by x10 I stopped logging in at all for several  decades. And they didnt eliminate account only my title got eliminated (tho I did get free name change) so I assume they did same for people who havent logged in even longer.

They have practically no reason to at this stage with data (that little ) being so economical to store To clarify: They don't get migrated over. RuneScape 3 is the major line of  this game. An account created in 2007 was made in precisely the same match which RS3 is. If you produce an Buy Rs gold account you don't need to fear it being transferred or migrated,  however you will have to start over in OSRS.

My account was deleted?? I need to play again but I put so many countless hours to it and I can not bring myself to do the grind again.

It is worthwhile. I rebuilt a complete account on osrs until I logged back into my main. With cellular it is so simple to simply bank stand and grind afk skills.