You can use Bellsouth to streamline your work and make communications easier and faster.  You can make a Bellsouth email address easily and it is free.  Here are some advantages that come with a Bellsouth email account.

  •         You can use Bellsouth’s Post office protocol (POP) and have your mail on your desktop even when offline.
  •         POP enables you to collect your mail from other accounts and view them from a single place.
  •         You can use BellSouth email login from a number of your devices.
  •         The mails are secure and a virus scanner safeguards you from virus and other malicious content.
  •         To protect your online privacy the mails are encrypted.
  •         The Bellsouth experience is a clutter free hassle free and an as free experience.
  •         In case of a technical glitch you can get immediate and prompt help through our technical assistance phone number.
  •         You can use Bellsouth on an array of devices such as your desktop, android and ios devices.
  •         Bellsouth by POP and through yahoo integration is a single stop solution to all your mail accounts.

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